5 High-Converting Social Media Strategies for Black Friday

August 25, 2022
Written by Ampry

Black Friday Marketing

For a long time, Black Friday marketing consisted of billboards, signs in shop windows, and TV commercials. In the past decade or so, the importance of having a website. Eventually, businesses even began to open up online shopping through their sites. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many businesses expanded their websites to allow people to shop from their homes.Social media marketing and email marketing have become very popular since then. Websites will ask for shoppers’ emails and use them for sending out advertisements, offers, and other updates.Since this migration to the internet, Black Friday marketing campaigns have moved from signs and commercials to social media. Businesses big and small are creating accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and other sites.Many companies use Facebook and other social media ads to get their businesses out there. These sites can create targeted ads to crop up in people’s feeds.Apart from targeted Instagram and Facebook ads being placed in your feed from these businesses, they are also creating and posting content and interacting with others on the social media site. This approach makes the business seem more personable and approachable. Social media is also great for smaller businesses to grow and expand their sphere of influence. For smaller businesses that are just starting or are trying to grow and reach more people, the best way to spread awareness of your brand is through a social media marketing campaign.Social media algorithms can also really help a business’s Black Friday marketing campaign by targeting the customers. When your business has a large range of products to offer, it can be hard to know how to market them, especially when you only have so much room for advertisements. You can send different advertisements through social media to people who are more likely to click your link depending on what kind of ad they saw.Black Friday marketing campaigns are incredibly important for every business. If you market well, customers will turn to your business. If not, your products can be buried under the mountain of all the other businesses marketing and Black Friday social media sales. If potential customers don’t see your ads, they won’t get to your site or your products.

Social media’s growing role in Black Friday marketing campaigns

Social media is becoming increasingly important for business marketing, especially Black Friday marketing. Knowing how to navigate and create content with these sites is no longer just helpful for a business to grow—it’s necessary. A social media marketing campaign is both the easiest and most successful campaign a business can make. Regarding Black Friday marketing ideas, easy, far-reaching marketing campaigns are the key to success. In 2020, everything was online. Social media platforms grew in size, and smart businesses took advantage of that. Even after businesses opened back up, most kept their social media influence.There are 3 main benefits to using social media to grow your business. First, it allows potential customers to associate positively with your business. Creating content and interacting with other users on social media is incredibly important for growing your account’s reach on the site. Suppose you can get people to associate your business with funny and/or helpful videos, and especially with real people working there. In that case, you get them to see your business positively, and they are more likely to visit your site and shop from you.The second is just simply growing your business. Social media outreach brings new customers who otherwise could not have heard about your company. Especially for small businesses, social media can spread their business much farther than they could without it. There are several Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook ads for small businesses that otherwise would not have the resources to reach that many people. This kind of coverage can allow businesses huge growth in a short time.The third benefit is taking advantage of the social media platform’s algorithm. You can make several different TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and Facebook ads and post them, and the site will send them to the feeds of the people most likely to react to the post. So rather than hoping shoppers will find your site, your site is sent out to find the people who will like it.

How to maximize social media use

Black Friday social media marketing is crucial now in directing shoppers to your business. Knowing how to maximize your Black Friday marketing ideas through social media use as a growing business will get you far in bringing customers to your site.There are several strategies you can use to maximize your outreach and influence on shoppers through a successful social media campaign.

5 high converting social media strategies for Black Friday marketing

1. Build a strong social media presence

If you use social media for marketing, you must first have a wide outreach. Create likable content, and create lots of it. Use hashtags to make searches and distribution of your content more effective. Interact with people, and answer questions about your business. Business leader suggests the use of social media influencers to promote your products. The key is to get shoppers to see the content you are creating so they go to your site. Once you have a large following your social media marketing campaigns will be far more successful.

2. Make it easy to use

The easier it is to buy something, the more shoppers will buy it. All your social media accounts should easily direct interested people to your site, where they can check out your business and buy your products. Put links on all your posts that advertise your product to what they are advertising. Announce what you’re selling, how much is left, and the price. Make it easy for shoppers to actually buy your product, not just look at it.

3. Create pre-sale curiosity

Create a sense of excitement for products that have not yet come out. Post coming soon announcements and give out pre-sale deals to get people interested in your product before it even comes out. Give out pre-order links to ensure customers will get one before the supply runs out. You can build demand for a product that isn’t even on the shelves yet!

4. Give frequent offers

To keep people on your site and promote followers, send out deals and offers frequently. Many businesses will offer free giveaways to someone who reposted them on their social media stories, letting their customers promote their business on their individual feeds as well. Offering codes for sales, rewards, recommendations, and buy-one-get-one-free deals through your social media is another way to ensure people keep coming back to your site and buying from you.

5. Create a sense of quality through social proof

Again, using influencers to promote your business can be very helpful to your business. Let your customers see the real people behind your products. When shoppers can see that people are buying this brand, it builds a sense of security in the quality of that brand. In addition, creating personable content lets people associate your business with friendliness and helpfulness.

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