5 Tips for Wix Ecommerce Stores

August 18, 2022
Written by Ampry

Wix is a great platform for building ecommerce websites. Learning to optimize your Wix ecommerce page with easy-to-read URLs and clear product descriptions can help you improve your page and increase customer conversions. A free, personalized strategy call also helps you uncover specific steps to boost your Wix ecommerce sales.

1. Create Easy-to-Read URLs

Your ecommerce website’s URLs are much more than a link. While the main purpose of a URL is to take your potential customer where they want to go, URLs also affect your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and help customers find products easier. Also, shorter, easy-to-read URLs are easier for customers to type out and share with others.Shortening your URL links can also help you track customer traffic and gain insights into certain product pages. The tools in Wix (or third-party link generators) that shorten links can also track important data with Google Analytics. You can also use this data to further your marketing efforts with Google Ads or retargeting campaigns.Many people are also surprised to learn that URLs are an SEO ranking factor. Search engine bots browse web pages, including the URLs, to gather important information about the type of business and the products the brand sells. Including keywords in your URL can help Google bots understand the purpose of the page and the specific product.Shorter links also look better when posting them to social media pages. Users are more likely to click on a shortened link than a long one with random symbols and characters. Fortunately, there are many tools available that allow you to shorten your URLs. You can even turn existing URLs into shorter ones that are easier to read.Once you choose your ecommerce platform and domain name, the next step should be to focus on easy-to-read URLs. The Wix website is a great ecommerce platform with easy customizations of URLs.

2. Include Enough Information in Your Content Titles and Descriptions

Descriptive content titles and descriptions serve a similar purpose to easy-to-read URLs. You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of potential customers, and content titles and descriptions are a great way to do that. Let your website traffic know what they can expect if they stay on your page.The best content titles are concise, engaging, and include your focus keyword. Using specific keywords that describe your products can help draw traffic through SEO. The best product descriptions also use keywords while providing customers with a clear product description. You can also use content titles and descriptions to generate interest in specific products.Keyword research using your favorite SEO tool is crucial when planning your content titles and product descriptions. It’s also important to note that there is such a thing as too many keywords. While you want to ensure keywords help potential customers find your products, you also don’t want to overdo the use of keywords. Keyword stuffing can harm traffic and rankings.Descriptive titles and product descriptions can also help ensure traffic visits the pages most relevant to their goal. This reduces bounce rates, which is also an important search engine ranking factor. Listing price, color availability, product information, and sizing can also increase customer satisfaction rates while reducing the number of product returns.

3. Create Opportunities for Social Media Sharing

Social media can be an extremely effective tool for encouraging interest in certain ecommerce products. Social sharing buttons also allow website visitors to generate interest in certain items. Adding social sharing buttons to your Wix store can be a method of free advertising for your brand.You can use these same social sharing buttons to encourage customers to share products with their followers. This can also be a great way to set up an affiliate marketing campaign. Supply each customer with their own referral link that earns them points or discounts when other customers click through and purchase an item from you.You can also use the same social sharing buttons to share your products with your social media followers. This can be a great way to introduce new products or share best-selling products with specific audiences. In addition to sharing your products and increasing website traffic, social media sharing can also help you nurture customers at different buying cycles. Social media accounts engage with customers at the top of the sales funnel, helping you develop brand awareness.

4. Make Checkout and Exit Easy

The easier you make shopping for your customers, the more likely they’ll buy. Unfortunately, too many customers will abandon their virtual shopping carts if they find the checkout or payment gateway too time-consuming or difficult.Providing users with easy navigation throughout the online shopping process can help with increasing conversions. Fortunately, Wix offers many built-in tools to speed up checkout and exit:

  • Make checkout easy by designing a simple page layout and offering the option of guest checkout for customers who don’t want to take steps to create an account.
  • Using smart form filing can also speed up the checkout process.
  • Try to limit the number of upsells and exit popups, which can frustrate customers.
  • Finally, limiting customer transaction fees can also improve the chances of conversions.

Easy navigation also means not trapping customers. Allow them to leave product pages and freely navigate through all parts of your website. Use headers and footers to easily access popular pages like home or contact pages. A shopping cart icon in the header’s upper right-hand corner also allows customers to track the items in their shopping cart and access it with a single click.In addition to an easy checkout process, you also want to ensure the payment process is secure. Ensure it complies with security guidelines, including SSL and PCI, whichever shopping cart and payment processor you choose. You also want to comply with CCPA, GDPR, and MFA standards.These tips can help you reduce abandoned cart rates, which can be a huge problem for new online stores. A general rule is to make the checkout process as simple as possible.

5. Add Reviews and Contact Information

Earning customer trust is also crucial for a Wix ecommerce business. Customers who trust an online website are more likely to convert. They’re also more likely to spend more. Earn your customer’s trust by adding real customer reviews in real-time to your webpage in a place that’s easy to find. Even listing your business’s contact information can provide customers with a reassuring sense of trust. Display your return policy and inform customers how they can contact you with questions or concerns about your products.Be sure to include contact info and display recent customer checkouts—both of which increase trust. You can find all of these tools available within the Wix app market.Also, adding customer reviews to the checkout page gives some customers that final push to make the sale. This also gives you the chance to provide exceptional customer service.

General Tips to Optimize Your Wix Ecommerce Online Store

Here are a few general tips to help you optimize your Wix ecommerce store:

  • Take the time to build an ecommerce SEO strategy: An ecommerce SEO strategy can help you increase organic traffic by using keywords. Take advantage of a Wix blog to incorporate more keywords and market certain products.
  • Use Wix plugins to improve the user experience: Wix plugins can be an easy, effective way to provide your website traffic with a better experience. Use the Wix store or Wix editor to customize your ecommerce website design to meet your customers’ needs. A few great options include Wix SEO and Wix payments tools.
  • Learn from your competitors: Frequently visiting your competitors who also use a Wix site builder is a great way to identify areas for improvement within your own ecommerce site.
  • Make high-quality photographs and videos a priority: An optimized Wix ecommerce website also includes optimizing your product photos and videos with descriptive, keyword-based content.
  • Test and continue to test: The best way to ensure that you’re providing your customers with easy navigation and checkout is to test frequently. Then, ask your friends and family also to test your ecommerce platform and provide you with any feedback to improve the customer experience.

Clear, keyword-based product descriptions and an easy checkout process help you earn customer trust and loyalty. Taking the time to create an SEO Wix strategy can boost your ecommerce sales.Do you need help creating an ecommerce strategy that works? Whether you’re in the first steps of building your ecommerce website or looking for ways to improve the ecommerce revenue of your small business, we have a solution for you. Contact Ampry today for your free, customized strategy call.

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