9 High-Converting Splash Page Examples

June 30, 2022
Written by Ampry

Splash pages might seem unfashionable or outdated to some, but they can still give your site’s visitors a more rewarding experience. And when used properly, they can be tremendously valuable to marketing and promoting to website visitors.(You could also schedule a strategy call with Ampry for proven tips and advice that can boost your conversion rates significantly!)

What should a splash page look like?

It’s usually the welcome screen you see on many websites before you get to the actual content. It typically serves as the welcome page of a particular site, giving you an idea of the products and services offered before gaining access. On many sites, the splash page is a sort of “gateway” that you enter to see the other content. Splash page designs vary depending on the brand and its artistic vision. But most are almost entirely driven by visuals. They also contain a definitive call to action that encourages site visitors to perform a specific action. Splash pages serve many purposes. They may be used to announce an upcoming event or a product release. They could also help website visitors confirm that they are on the right site. Some function as little more than eye candy, giving visitors something impressive or attractive to look at before proceeding to the rest of the site.

What makes a bad splash page design?

Website designers usually have a lot of leeway to design their sites how they want as long as they serve the intended purpose. For example, splash pages should encourage visitors to explore the site further or inform them that they have reached the correct site. Poorly splash page designs have boring graphics that turn off viewers and have them reaching for the exit button. They may also have confusing layouts or indecipherable links that make it hard for visitors to figure out where to go next. In most cases, the primary goal of a splash page is to compel shoppers to perform a specific action. Any welcome screen that confuses, misdirects, or disappoints shoppers doesn’t work.

How the best splash pages capture attention

Take a look at some of the most effective splash pages on the internet and you will see a variety of different styles and approaches. Many elements and design decisions go into a compelling splash page, so it can be difficult to narrow it down to a definitive set of strategies. The best splash pages have certain elements in common that all contribute to a more impressive and rewarding user experience. Ultimately, these elements help increase the page’s conversion rate:

1. A compelling headline

The most effective splash pages are built on a compelling headline. Having a powerful headline is a powerful way to grab your audience’s attention. Generally, it’s best to keep this short and direct, demonstrating your brand’s value to the customer.

2. An irresistible offer

After you have caught your audience’s attention with your headline, try an irresistible offer to close the deal. Ideally, your offer should address a customer’s specific dilemma or problem with a time- and cost-effective solution. Be specific about what you can do about benefiting them, and you are halfway to getting a paying customer.

3. A powerful trust signal

You need to reinforce your offer with trust indicators that inspire confidence in your brand. This is especially important for new customers, some of whom might not have heard of you before. By including trust indicators such as certifications, credentials, customer reviews and testimonials, and affiliations with reputable organizations, you will be much more likely to convert new visitors.

4. Eye-catching images

Splash pages usually run on minimal copy. Apart from a short and simple statement, they usually rely on visuals to capture audiences and draw them in. The most effective images complement the product, or reinforce the brand’s message. Most people will notice the image before anything else, so make it count!

5. A strong call to action

What minimal copy you include should drive potential customers to action. A strong call to action is essential for getting potential customers to take the next step. Everything you’ve offered on your page thus far should be wrapped up in a concise statement that encourages the visitor to perform a specific action. If you can deliver it in a way that connects and resonates with your audience, you will have achieved one of the primary functions of your splash page.

9 high-converting splash page examples

“The proof is in the pudding,” as the saying goes. We can talk about the elements that make up great splash pages all day, but it might be more helpful to demonstrate key concepts with a few concrete examples. Here are some high-converting splash pages that utilize some of the methods and strategies that we’ve discussed:

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s splash page is a marvel of simplicity and elegance. Even as you scroll down the page, the login and signup buttons always remain in view. This lets visitors proceed to the next step of the conversion journey at any time while reading about the company’s services. The site’s copy is delivered in small, easily digestible chunks, with descriptive subheadings for clarity and easy navigation.

2. Zara

Zara bucks the trend of websites automatically detecting visitor location and language by having visitors input the appropriate settings themselves. This feature might seem a bit archaic to some, but it allows users to choose the language they’re more comfortable with regardless of where they live. Plus, it does away with the confusion that often arises from automatic language detection features. And the page itself is visually stunning. They change the images periodically too, so there is always something nice to look at.

3. Yeezy

The Yeezy splash page on the Adidas website is a great example of using the page to announce a new event. At the same time, it allows visitors to respond to the news instantly. The contents of the page have since been changed. It previously announced that a particular model was sold out, and gave visitors the option to sign up for a waiting list. This helped reinforce the image of a limited production item, which further enhanced its appeal.

4. Netflix

Netflix’s splash page is another great example of simplicity and minimalism. It displays the company’s inventory of TV shows in a subtle, understated backdrop, with a CTA option in the center. At the top of the page to the right, there is a login button for existing customers. Powerful and simple, this design relies on the company’s immense brand appeal to maximize conversions.

5. Smooth Hound Smith

Smooth Hound Smith’s splash page is a good example of how to grab an audience’s attention. A music duo from Nashville, the group set up its landing page to feature new song previews while giving fans the option to check out tour dates, sign up for the mailing list, or connect on social media. There are also quotes from recent reviews and a link to the home page.

6. Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s website doesn’t waste any time giving up the goods. The landing page is dominated by an invitation to get more traffic (which most visitors will find irresistible). Scrolling down the page gives you more detail to browse through after your interest is piqued, and there is plenty of social proof that tells you that he knows what he’s talking about.

7. Schmoll

Schmoll’s splash page is a perfect example of using such a page to get a particular message out without any other distractions. Direct, bold, and straight to the point, it captures the audience, demonstrates what the company is all about, and establishes trust, all with a simple statement. Even before you get a glimpse of the company’s work, you already get an idea of its professional and no-nonsense approach.

8. Resn

Resn also does a great job of showing potential customers what the company is all about, but it does so with a healthy dose of creativity. Offering a mesmerizing journey packed with wacky and psychedelic imagery, it might leave some visitors confused as to the point behind all the stunning visuals. Even so, there is no denying the eye-catching appeal of this unique and inventive splash page.

9. Football

Finally, check out Football.com’s approach to defining its focus and services. The site’s splash page leaves no doubt in the visitor’s mind about which particular flavor of the sport the site covers. (American Football or Global Football/Soccer).

Splash pages can take on many forms; also, what works for one site may not necessarily give another site the expected results. The important thing is to implement as many of the best practices that are relevant to your site and discard or modify those that don’t work out. A/B testing will also help you identify what elements boost your conversion rates the most.For more helpful information and advice, make sure to schedule a strategy call with Ampry. This could give you the advantage to create irresistible splash pages that will considerably improve your conversions.

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