How Professionals Use Video Popups

June 2, 2022
Written by Ampry

Video is one of the most powerful tools business owners and marketing specialists have in their arsenal. Countless studies confirm that videos connect with audiences and boost engagement more than any form of static content.88% of people say they’ve been convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a video, and 96% say they’ve watched video clips to help them learn more about a service or product. While there are several ways to use video in your branding and advertising strategies, popups could be one of the most effective options. Capable of capturing customer attention and breaking up the monotony of the standard scrolling experience, popups are definitely on the rise. Here’s everything you need to know about making the most of video popups.

The Rise of Popups for Marketing and Branding

Popups have had a bad reputation in the past. Often associated with a disruptive browsing experience, popups are designed to grab your customer’s attention – and they do so somewhat aggressively. However, consumers have grown increasingly accustomed to dealing with popups over the years, and they don’t always mind this form of advertising – when the content provided is engaging. If used correctly, popups can be a valuable digital marketing tool, capable of enhancing your website’s lead generation and conversion rates. Though the benefits of your popups depend on how you use them, these tools are becoming increasingly useful in a world where companies need to find new ways to connect with customers and collect information without using cookies. The right popup strategy can:

Send a Powerful Message

Popup advertising may be more aggressive than content marketing and social media marketing, but that’s not always bad. Popup ads are designed to be loud and proud, capturing the attention of virtually any customer instantly. So even if your customer decides to click out of your popup, they’re still likely to see your message.

Capture Data

Thanks to Google’s new quest to kill cookies and third-party tracking tools, it’s much harder to capture crucial audience data. However, even as opportunities to capture audience data continue to diminish, your customers still expect a personalized and relevant experience. The only way to deliver meaningful experiences your customers want is to collect data, and popups can help with that. These tools are great for capturing customer data quickly and strategically, particularly when they’re placed correctly. Few customers will seek out a sign-up form for a new webinar or newsletter on their own, but if you deliver the form to your audience directly, they’ll be far more likely to click.

Boost Your Branding

While a bad-quality popup can harm your brand reputation, a carefully planned one can make your company look slicker and more modern. The modern popups from leading builders allow you to showcase your branding in a powerful and eye-catching way. You can use your popup to make yourself stand out from the competition, and highlight your unique tone of voice. The key to success is making sure your popup looks good and has all the right features, from engaging content to a “close” button, when your customer is done reading.

Why is Video Best for Modern Popups?

Popups in all of their forms can definitely help to capture data and engage your followers when used correctly, but video might be the most impressive way to connect with your audience these days. Using the right video, you can provide your customer with all the information they need to convert from “lead” to “buyer” instantly. Studies show viewers retain around 95% of a video’s message. So even if your customers don’t have time to browse through your site, learn more about your brand, and check out your products, they can still gather all the information they need to make a decision from your video. Video is also ideal for all platforms, with 92% of mobile users saying they’ve shared a video in the past. On top of that, videos:

  • Break Down Complex Subjects: Videos are an excellent way to explain complex topics to your audience with sound, image, and even text. You can combine many different content formats to make your message stand out.
  • Deliver Information Fast: With a video popup, you can connect with your target audience and present all of the information they need about your product or service, without asking them to dig through your website.
  • Capture Customer Attention: Human beings are much more likely to be engaged by colorful dynamic videos with audio content than a standard static image. Videos naturally grab our attention and convince us to keep watching.

A high-quality video popup can also make your business appear more credible. By investing in a powerful video, you show your audience you’re committed to creating great content. This could mean they’re more likely to engage with you in future.

What Kinds of Videos Engage the Most?

Around 86% of companies say videos help to improve website traffic, and 88% are committed to spending more on video in the future. As the demand for video content continues to rise, we see a rapid increase in the number of different kinds of video available for today’s brands. The ideal video for your popup will depend on what you want to accomplish and where you’re publishing your video. Some common options include:

  • Introduction Videos: Introduction videos highlight the most important information a person might need to know about your brand before they consider buying from you. These videos may include social proof and testimonials, insights into your brand values, and information on what products or services you sell.
  • Educational Videos: Educational videos are extremely useful in today’s complex business world. Customers turn to video as a way of quickly learning everything they need to know about products and services. You can even show a demo of your product in your video.
  • How-to Videos: You can use your popups to set customers up for success from the moment they start interacting with your brand. A How-to video is a fun and educational way to showcase what your product can do.
  • Teaser Videos: Teaser videos are excellent for giving customers an idea of what they can expect if they sign up for a webinar, or get involved with your business in some way. These videos are designed to generate excitement.
  • Product Videos: Product videos simply highlight everything your customer needs to know about your product or service in a compelling and interesting way. The key to success with these videos is focusing on the benefits you can give your audience first.

Remember, certain styles of video will be more naturally connected to specific pages of your website. For instance, a teaser video is great for a webinar sign-up landing page, while a product video might appear on your product pages.

When & Where Should I Place Video Popups?

When choosing the right video for your popup strategy, it’s important to think about more than just what kind of video you will be using. You’ll also need to consider how you’ll use your videos correctly.

Where Will You Showcase Your Videos?

There are various pages throughout your website where you might benefit from applying a popup video. Rather than simply allowing your video to show anywhere, it’s important to think about where this content is likely to have the biggest impact on your audience. Generally, a landing page is one of the best places for a popup video, as it will help to capture your customer’s attention and provide more information when your brand already engages them. You can also consider popup videos on:

  • Your home page
  • Product pages
  • Blog posts

Generally, it’s best to avoid placing video popups on any page where it could get in the way of your customer doing something important, like your checkout page or contact pages.

How Will You Make Your Video Popup a Success?

Once you know where you’re going to place your video popup, the next step is ensuring it makes the right impact on your target audience. This means thinking carefully about the content you showcase, and the user experience you create. Start by making sure the experience is as positive as possible for your audience. This means creating content you know will be valuable to your target market, perhaps responding to their questions or addressing any concerns they might have about buying from you. Always ensure your popup works on any display, whether it’s a desktop or smartphone, and make sure the “X” button is clear and easy to use. Other points to keep in mind include:

  • Content Quality: Your video popup’s quality will directly impact the perception customers have of your brand. If the video is low quality, or not relevant to the page you show it on, you’re going to lose your customer’s trust.
  • Length: Remember, the best video popups are short and sweet. Get straight to the point with your content and focus on your customers' needs, interests, and expectations.
  • Call to action: Ensure your customers have a clear way to respond to your video popup by including a CTA telling them what to do next.

When Will You Show Your Popup?

Sometimes, the best time to display a popup isn’t as soon as someone visits your landing page. In certain cases, your customer will need time to start browsing and reading through the other content on your page before they see any extra content. When setting your popup trigger, think about the buyer journey of your target audience. For example, do you wait until your customer scrolls to a certain point in the page before displaying the popup? Visitors who scroll are more likely to be interested in whatever popups offer.If you’re unsure of the best timing, consider A/B testing some different options and using the results you gather to guide your future decisions.

Finishing Thoughts

Running video popups can be one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention in today’s fast-paced and chaotic landscape. With video ads, you can strengthen your impact on your target audience, provide customers with quick access to information, and improve your chances of higher lifetime value from each conversion.The key to success is making sure you use your video ads correctly. Book a strategy call with Ampry to learn more about how you can embed the power of video into your popups.

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