How to Find Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

June 21, 2022
Written by Ampry

Your company's marketing efforts need a guiding light, like a North Star. Your unique value proposition should be clear on what you offer, who your ideal customers are, how you can best serve them, and why your small business is the best place for them to spend their hard-earned cash.Psst! Ampry can increase conversions, no matter what your unique value proposition is. Schedule a free strategy call to find out how.

What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

A unique value proposition (also called a unique selling proposition) is a clear statement that describes the benefits of your products or services. It also explains how you will solve a customer's pain point or uniquely meet their needs. More than that, a unique proposition speaks about how you, your services, and products are different from your competitors.You can better harness the power of your unique value proposition by placing it in prominent marketing messages. This includes each and every marketing campaign as well as on your landing page.A clear, unique value proposition can guide marketing efforts as it clearly states what your company can provide to who. It also speaks about why you are the best company to provide this product or service.A value proposition should not be confused with a mission statement. A mission statement speaks about the company, business, or brand. It might explain the company's culture, its values, and ethics. It explains why the company exists.On the other hand, a unique value proposition focuses on the website visitors. It speaks about the visitors' needs and how the company is uniquely qualified and able to meet those needs. You want people to know that you have recognized their problems or pain points and are dedicated to meeting their needs in a way that is superior to your competition.

UVP and conversion

Most website visitors decide whether they will stay on your website or navigate away within the first 10 seconds. That means you have less than 10 seconds to convince them to stay.Having a strong, unique proposition on your page could encourage people to explore your site further. It may even convert potential customers to paying clients. A strong value proposition should convince consumers to spend their money with you.

Creating a clear UVP

Think of a UVP as an elevator pitch: it briefly explains what you offer, why it is essential, and why your company is the best option for this product or service.Companies often try a few propositions to find one that packs the most punch. You may even need to conduct some market research and even A/B testing to establish the best wording for your unique value proposition.Here are some elements that you need to consider when creating a unique value proposition:

1: State the value

A strong UVP should clearly state the value of your product, service, or company. This does not refer to the financial value. Instead, it refers to why your offering is important and why someone would want to pay you for it.

2: Address buyers’ needs

When writing a unique value proposition, you need to keep your target market in mind. That’s when you have a specific buyer persona. What is it that made someone decide that they need your product or service? By establishing your buyer persona's unique pain points, you can address these in your unique value proposition.

3: Stand out

Unless you have something entirely unique and not offered anywhere else, you will have competition selling similar things. Your unique value proposition should explain what differentiates your product, service, or brand from your competitors.Part of the magic of a unique value proposition is that it sets you apart from your competition. Even in an industry that is saturated with fierce competition, a strong value proposition can illustrate how your products or services can uniquely meet customers' needs. This could potentially be the deciding factor if a potential customer is sitting on the fence.

The structure of an excellent unique value proposition

HeadlineA value proposition should have a strong and clear headline. This headline is a phrase that communicates the benefits that customers could receive from the company's products or services. Often a good headline can become a slogan that can become a central part of a marketing campaign.


A subheading is usually underneath the main headline and would elaborate on the value that an offering can bring a customer. It could also share why a particular offering is better than what shoppers would find elsewhere.Unlike the main headline, the subheading is usually more than one sentence. It can be a short paragraph consisting of two to three sentences (these can be listed as bullet points).

Target Audience

Unique value propositions should speak to a specific persona. You don't want to cast the net wide here, folks. Your aim should be to direct your UVP to the target market.A UVP that speaks to everyone really speaks to no one. That’s because the people you are trying to reach will likely feel disconnected, and so will those with no intention of buying what you have.On the other hand, a unique value proposition that speaks to a very specific buyer persona is more likely to convince that target customer to spend their money with you.

Extra advice

Because an effective value proposition speaks directly to your target customers, it must be relatable and easy to understand. More than that, it should show how your product or service can address a specific need the customer might have.Avoid using jargon, marketing buzzwords, or sales-y language. The goal is to help customers realize they need your products or services. Poor word choice can affect the customer experience and lead to the loss of a customer.To learn how Ampry can help you drive customers to purchase and build on the momentum from your unique value proposition, schedule a free strategy call today.

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