How to Personalize Bulk SMS Messages

July 7, 2022
Written by Ampry

Many people would like to receive SMS messages from companies. With an average open rate of 98% and an engagement rate between six and eight times higher than emails, it can become a powerful marketing tool—if used correctly.Bulk text messages are a powerful tool that can help your business reach a large number of people. As with most digital marketing efforts, bulk text messaging campaigns are only successful if they are implemented correctly. For mass texting campaigns, that means sending personalized text messages.Personalized text messages sent out through a bulk SMS campaign speak directly to each individual customer or group of customers. This method contributes to creating a seamless, tailored customer experience, potentially leading to an increase in sales.Schedule a free strategy call today to learn how Ampry can help you boost your digital marketing campaigns.

Why does personalization matter in eCommerce?

Personalization influences your customer experiences, which in turn influence your company’s bottom line. People like getting customized content that seems to be speaking directly to them. It makes them feel special, heard, and seen. It builds trust between them and a brand.Only a few companies get personalized bulk SMS campaigns right. Even so, it could be a vital and indispensable marketing tool once you figure out how best to approach creating and delivering tailored marketing messages via SMS. Here are some statistics that illustrate how crucial personalized marketing is.Just under three quarters (71%) of customers become frustrated when they do not receive a personalized shopping experience. It may seem as though a company or brand does not care about them or is interested in what they want.Similar to this, nearly half (42%) of customers become frustrated simply from receiving impersonalized content. For example, a mother in the midst of calming a three-year-old throwing a tantrum will find a text message on power tools (sent to everyone on a content list) annoying. In all likelihood, she will unsubscribe from future texts from this company. On the other hand, she may welcome a message offering a discount on a spa package or tools to help her child deal with their overwhelming emotions.Most (72%) people will only engage with your content if it is personalized. That means content that is not personalized will likely go in the trash, and your marketing efforts and dollars with it.Poor personalization can affect your company’s sales. More than half (63%) of consumers won’t purchase a product or service from you if your company poorly executes tailored marketing efforts and customer experiences. On the other hand, 80% of people are more likely to make a purchase from a company that offers them a customized and personalized experience.Personalized text messages can increase engagement, help retain customers, and convert new customers.

Personalization and conversion

Nearly all businesses noticed increased conversion rates after personalizing their search engine marketing (93% of businesses), websites (94% of businesses), or emails (92%).Although most businesses see an increase in conversions when they implement personalized marketing efforts, these increases could be small if it isn’t done right. The reality is that many businesses (39%) find it challenging to develop and implement personalized experiences for their customers (and prospective customers).The key is to couple your personalized messages with authenticity. The focus should be on providing each customer their own unique experience and delivering content that is relevant to them. People will very quickly pick up if your efforts to personalize content are insincere and done more to increase conversions than to honestly and genuinely provide them with an excellent experience.

How can I personalize mass SMS messages?

Personalizing bulk SMS campaigns may take some time to set up. You will need to have some data on your customers and organize that information in a logical way. Once you have this settled, you can use it to create impactful personalized SMS campaigns.Here are some ways to personalize a mass SMS messaging campaign:

Identify yourself

You can do this by customizing the sender ID to show your company or business name instead of the telephone number. While this does not necessarily customize or tailor your SMS to a specific receiver, it tells them who the message is from.If the message is from a company or business that the recipient likes, it increases the likelihood that the recipient will open the message.

Dynamic fields

Dynamic fields allow you to insert person-specific information in the text of your SMS. This could include using their first name; you can even go further and include information based on their demographic, their personal interests and preferences, and even professional information.This works exceptionally well when you have this data on your current or prospective clients. In most cases, you can use default generic text in place of customized text if your database does not have this particular data for this specific client.For example, suppose you don’t have a specific customer’s first name. In that case, you could set the default text to "customer." The SMS will simply start off with "Dear customer," instead of "Dear [name]."[caption id="attachment_4582" align="aligncenter" width="517"]

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Make the most of segments

Segmenting divides your SMS contacts into groups based on specific requirements. You could segment your contact list based on their interests, activities, personal details, preferences, and even the products that they have shown interest in.For example, a sporting goods store could split their contact list into groups relating to the activities their customers are most interested in and involved in. They might have a segment of persons who enjoy baseball, one for hockey players and another for figure skaters. The company can then send marketing content specifically aimed at that group of customers, telling them about the latest products or sales in that particular department.The purpose of segmenting your contacts is to only send SMS messages to the persons who are most likely to open and engage with them. This could avoid annoying customers with irrelevant messages, which could cause them to unsubscribe from your SMS marketing altogether.Another benefit of using contact segments is that you will be saving costs since you will not be sending messages that people probably don’t want.

You don’t have to keep it short

SMS stands for Short Message Service. A typical SMS can only send 160 characters. Modern technology enables phones and networks to support something called message concatenation. This creates a message chain that breaks longer messages into segments. These segments are then consolidated into one cohesive message on the receiver’s phone. Many bulk SMS platforms enable you to send SMS messages of up to between 1,500 and 1,600 characters.

Keep it personal

People don’t only want content that caters to their interests. They also want to feel as though they are connecting with your brand. A powerful way to do this is to create content that feels as though it comes from an actual, live human being.Throw the technical jargon and stiff language out of the window (unless of course, that is the way your target audience speaks).In most cases, a natural conversational tone would work well. In other cases, you could even consider very casual language. For example, a surf shop will likely use laid-back language sprinkled with slang words that their customers are familiar with.

Examples of companies successfully harnessing SMS marketing

Some big companies have had success with sending out bulk SMS messages. Most of them have grown their SMS subscriber list and encouraged customers to make more sales.


Subway started its SMS campaign in 2015. Since then, they have grown their subscriber list to over 5 million, and they manage to hold on to 85% of those subscribers.Customers who subscribe to Subway’s SMS marketing campaign are 26% more likely to return and spend 13% more when they do. They also tend to make a purchase from Subway 15% more than they did before they signed up for the SMS campaign.

Jack in the Box

This fast food company started using SMS campaigns while moving away from email marketing campaigns. Jack in the Box customers make use of deals and coupons sent via SMS three to five times more often than they use deals or coupons received in emails.Other large companies that use SMS marketing include Facebook, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, CNN, Starbucks, Aeropostale, Chipotle, Costco, and IKEA.Mass texting campaigns is one more tool that can be used to improve your customers’ experience and increase your sales. Bear in mind that these bulk SMS campaigns should be personalized and offer customers customized and tailored marketing messages that are relevant to them.Having no bulk SMS marketing campaign is better than having one that is poorly strategized, designed, and implemented. Ampry, a platform that drives customers to purchase, no matter where your site is, can help you with your digital marketing efforts. Schedule a free strategy call to find out how.

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