Making Digital Ads More Effective

December 8, 2022
Written by Ampry

Better brand awareness increases sales.In today’s digital era, every business owner can get their message out efficiently and effectively to help shift the needle. However, there are some critical considerations to make, no matter your business type, to make sure you accomplish your overall objectives.

1. Identify the campaign’s purpose

Why do you want to run digital ads? Maybe you want to grow your business. You can do this by identifying and reaching new audiences by improving brand awareness and engaging existing customers to increase brand loyalty through offers that help your business generate more revenue. To create effective digital ads, have a detailed plan. What are your goals? Are you focused on conversions to generate more sales or improve brand awareness? How will you time your digital campaign? Will your digital ads be global or local? What about budget and formats? Without a solid plan, you won’t achieve your business objectives. Thus, before embarking on a digital campaign, it’s crucial to map out all your digital advertising goals.

2. Target Your Audience

Next, determine where your audience hangs out. To do this, ask yourself: who is your target customer? What are their behaviors, patterns, preferences, and psychographics? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you figure out where your customers hang out. This will ensure that your audience is likely to watch your digital advertisements. Further, it’s crucial that you understand your audience, and run effective digital campaigns. Often, what you and your team think is appealing to your audience might not be, especially when it comes to copy, creative, and delivery. Monitor your audience’s reactions and test to see what works.

3. Use Video Marketing and Screen Capture

The primary reason businesses lose customers is because of unengaging content, including a lack of images or videos. This results in a higher bounce rate that makes your website rank lower on search engine result pages.Fortunately, using screen recording you can take an engaging screenshot or screen recording about your product or service that makes your web visitors stay longer on your website, increasing the time they interact with your web pages. Also, a product demo video may also help you convert customers to buyers, increasing your sales.Research from Aberdeen Group shows that online marketers who use video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster annually than those who don’t. In fact, one of Ampry’s video placements recently increased revenue by 60%!If you’re planning to launch a new product, you can share that information with your audience using screen capture. Consumers love to see a service or product in action, especially if they’re ready to make a buying decision.Video marketing is especially valuable to data-driven digital marketers. That is because you can easily monitor and measure audience engagement for video in real-time. You can tie your videos directly to the offers they’re promoting and you can see which audience segments are resonating with your videos based on content engagement analytics. Remember, the primary purpose of screen capturing is to improve conversions. To beat the competition, you can use different types and concepts of screen capturing that spark your audience’s interest. Screen capturing can create videos with animations, including recordings driven by story-telling. Typically, screen recording tools specialize in creating screenshots and screen recordings that are perfect for every type of marketing.It’s time for businesses to improve sales with creative and effective marketing strategies. It's time to leverage screen capturing software and make content that resonates with those who are ready to buy. If you’re ready to reach visitors with high purchase intent, Ampry has all the tools you need to engage customers with impactful CRO campaigns!

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