Mixhers Turned Cart Abandoners into Instant Customers

June 29, 2022
Written by Ampry


Mixhers is a monthly lifesaver, period, helping women combat cycle symptoms one month at a time! They create the highest-quality supplements from all-natural ingredients.


Mixhers customers love their products. They have product ambassadors across the globe. But visitors were coming to their site, adding items to their cart, and not purchasing.


Ampry developed a pop-up to catch leading customers and turn them back around. Using a perfectly timed cart abandonment pop-up and an offer of 10% off, Ampry gave Mixhers' site visitors the motivation they needed to make a purchase.


In an amazing turn of events, 48% of visitors trying to abandon their cart became customers! That's thousands of sales Mixhers would have lost otherwise. That 48% brought in over $100k in revenue in the first month.

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