Optimizing Your Website for More Black Friday Sales

August 2, 2022
Written by Ampry

Black Friday is one of the most significant sales events and one of the year's busiest shopping days. But you’ll be left behind if you don't optimize your ecommerce website to make the most of your Black Friday visitors. Find out how Ampry can help you turn Black Friday site visitors into paying customers by scheduling a free strategy call today.

Why Black Friday is important

Black Friday has become a significant day to kick off shopping for the holiday season. It is the day when you can get great deals and impressive discounts—if you hurry. In addition, many holiday shoppers view Black Friday as the start of the Christmas shopping season.People shop on Black Friday for the discounts. Almost half of the people who plan on shopping on Black Friday prefer in-store shopping with friends or family, as this has become a part of their Black Friday ritual. In addition, many Black Friday shoppers shop in-store because they love to be part of the day's excitement. Still, only about a quarter of shoppers prefer to shop in-store instead of online, and more people are moving towards online shopping.2020 was the first time more than 100 million people did their Black Friday shopping online. This was an increase of 8% from 2019. 2021 saw an 11% increase in retail ecommerce sales compared to 2020. This amount was up 64.1% from 2019.Plus, some people prefer online shopping to avoid crowds. This is especially true during the COVID pandemic. Other people would avoid shopping in physical stores because they feel the Black Friday discounts are not worth the hassle. They also do not want to struggle to find parking or stand in long lines. Almost a quarter of people feel they could find better deals online than in-store.

Succeed on Black Friday with...

1. Strong landing pages

Nearly all (96%) will visit a website and leave again before converting to a sale or becoming a lead. That might be because your landing page is not designed and optimized to be a landing page.In fact, 77% of all landing pages are home pages that are not aimed at capturing a lead or converting a sale. So essentially, you are pointing people to a webpage with no directions to follow once they get there.We often think of landing pages as being singular, or that you should have one or two great landing pages for your website. In reality, businesses with several optimized landing pages see a much higher increase in leads generated. And we aren't talking a couple more; we mean a lot more. Some businesses publishing between 10 and 15 landing pages could see a 55% increase in leads (if they only had between one and five landing pages). Companies with between 31 and 40 landing pages (consider having a permanent URL for Black Friday) can generate seven times more leads than if they have five or fewer landing pages.The types of landing pages your website has will affect conversion rates (here are some landing page designs that work), as will the page speed. For example, nearly half (40%) of people will navigate away from a website or web page if they have to wait more than three seconds for it to load. So a one-second delay in page response could see you losing 7% of potential conversions.Your landing page, as with any other website page, should also be optimized for different devices. For example, Black Friday sales in 2021 saw different conversion rates based on the device used to make a purchase. Desktop users had a 6.9% conversion rate, users on tablets had a 4.8% conversion rate, and smartphone users showed a conversion rate of 2.9%.

2. Optimizing weak points and technical issues

The user experience (UX) of your website is essential. Unfortunately, 88% of online customers will probably not return to your website after a bad experience.What is more, more people would tell others if they had a bad shopping experience than they would if they had a really great experience interacting with your ecommerce store. More people would also contact your company, put a comment or rating on a third-party website, or post something about their experience on social media.

3. Using SEO and keywords well

Search engine optimization it's still important. However, it entails more than just keyword stuffing. Instead, keyword research should be done to help you understand your audience and how they interact with online content. Thoughtfully integrating keywords into your landing page's copy can increase your Google Ads' quality score, giving you a higher placement in rankings and lowering the cost per click.Effective SEO content speaks directly to your audience in a language they can relate to. Because they often independently navigate to these pages, this content can feel less intrusive than content that reaches your target market through sponsored ads. It is also more effective at building trust and establishing your brand as an authority in your field than paid content.

4. Using Paid Ads

Although there are various avenues to pursue in digital advertising, paid advertising is still one of the most important marketing strategies used. Marketers mainly focus on where to place the paid ads and how to target specific audiences when considering optimizing paid advertising.About a third of marketers use paid advertising to increase brand awareness. Many companies like Williams-Sonoma, Purple, and Schmidt Naturals have seen either an increase in sales or brand awareness after incorporating paid ads into their marketing strategies.Paid ads can be a powerful way to introduce your company to potential customers. It can also be used to generate interest in your Black Friday offers. You can place these ads on search result pages, related websites via ad exchanges, or on social media platforms. Where, when, and how you choose to publish paid ads will depend on your marketing strategy and target audience.

5. Cyber Monday

Recently, Cyber Monday has battled Black Friday to be the biggest annual shopping event in the United States. But in 2021, 23% more sales were made on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. In contrast, in 2020, Cyber Monday saw 11% more sales than Black Friday.By harnessing Black Friday and offering the best Cyber Monday deals, you can have a great head start on the holiday shopping season. You could even extend this past Black Friday weekend, including Cyber week in your marketing and sales plan.

6. Use Ampry to unlock full conversion potential

Ampry helps you create customized web experiences to convince potential clients. Our goal is to optimize your website to offer personalized, on-site experiences that convert more site visitors. This can significantly improve your site visitors' user experience and increase your Black Friday sales.Contact Ampry to schedule your free strategy call today!

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