Rustica Sold More High-Cost Products with Ampry

July 1, 2022
Written by Ampry


Rustica has a door for every location in the home. Handcrafted, top-of-the-line barn door hardware, barn doors, interior doors, and exterior doors.


Rustica makes some stunning products, including their hand-crafted doors. With their high-ticket items, it's not always easy to lead visitors to make quick buys on the site. The larger the price tag, the longer the decision time.


Rustica was holding tons of sales, so Ampry's team decided to use urgency to leverage the power of a good deal. By skillfully placing promotional top bars with countdown timers across the site, purchases started to knock on Rustica's door.


Rustica increased its revenue by 30% with Ampry. That added revenue stacked up to an extra $157,000 in sales during one month!

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