What to Look for In an Email Client for Business

June 14, 2022
Written by Ampry

Email is a crucial pathway to communicating with clients, businesses, and potential customers.An email client, or ESP, is a service or software that enables businesses to keep in touch with their employees, management, metrics, and customers. For large-scale emails, it’s vital to choose the best email client for your business.Billions of emails get sent every day. The best businesses make sure those emails are reaching the right person at the right time. Whether it’s sending coupons to a customer, or forwarding a report to team members, every business needs a reliable service to help them share ideas, knowledge, and talents.Here are four tips for finding the best email client.

1. Growth

“How easy is it to adapt this program to our growing needs?”Businesses spend billions every year to understand how they should expand. After learning the best way to grow, it’s essential that business owners choose strategies to foster growth.Growth isn’t just about the present. Business owners should look for email clients who meet current and future needs. Companies that fail to plan for new employees, expand outreach, increase data insights, and evolve management won’t have an email client that meets their needs.Invest enough to get a paid version of a service, which will offer more room for businesses to expand. Growth means profit, so a small investment like this should pay itself off quickly.

2. Integration

“How well does this email client integrate with our other workflow apps?”Getting the right email client doesn’t mean changing every other program a business uses. It should work together with the infrastructure that’s already in place.The best email client for business depends on other programs the business uses. A business that relies on Windows applications would benefit most from a Microsoft Office subscription. Others may prefer Google applications, so a paid Gmail subscription works best.Integrating email clients means keeping communication all in one place. Consider what the client offers for services such as chat, video calling, calendars and scheduling, reminders, document sharing, usability, and privacy. These key features are essential to any communication software. They should be easy to use and customize to any business’s needs.

3. Usability

“Is this email client’s interface clear and intuitive?”Along with integration, usability is a significant factor in how much employees like using the software. Usability is a key part of almost every complaint, but it’s highly valued when done right.There are three aspects of usability:Reliability. Does the software send and receive messages without trouble? Or is it unreliable when sending several emails at once?Speed. How easily does the software allow for email attachments, loading times, etc.? The faster it is, the better.Accessibility. Is it easy to read the metrics and information? And are there options for persons who are disabled, hearing impaired, etc.?If the email client software is easy to use, it saves time and money.

4. Email Marketing

“How easy is it to engage our target audience with this platform?”Smart marketers know the power of a unique message. With the right customization options, a business can expand their reach at a relatively small cost. Here are some questions to consider:—Does the program allow businesses to reach their target audience?—Can it customize email delivery? Or does each customer receive the same email at the same time?—Which metrics does it track? (open rate, reading time, etc.)—Does it allow for growth and expansion?Due to its high profitability, email marketing should be a key factor in choosing an email client. The average ROI for a good email campaign can be as much as 3,800%!The best email client should provide businesses with customizable growth, workflow integration, easy usability, and options for email marketing. The right client can boost productivity and take a burden off the minds of managers, employees, and customers.Communication is the backbone of success. The better people can understand each others’ ideas, the more easily they can achieve common goals.We integrate with dozens of clients to help visitors opt into their email lists. Discover how much Ampry's on-site conversion can boost your sales, and claim your spot today for a free demo!

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